The 'WHY' behind my PASSION

A BIO, by definition, is a brief information opportunity ... one in which I will introduce myself to you, so that we may become better acquainted.

My mother has always had a gypsy spirit and I inherited it. The amazing result of our galavanting around the globe was that I developed a love, respect and admiration for numerous people and cultures at a very early age. Growing up in the Pacific Islands, spending my teen years at an International School in Eastern Europe and Middile East as well as living on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. made me a world citizen .... one appreciative of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes offered across the globe.

Attending a very progressive college photography program, in a sleepy little town in North Carolina, followed by jobs in Portland, Oregon, Cayman Islands, and in Anchorage, Alaska, miraculously led me back home to Hawaii ... my paradise.

Assisting as a photography intern, in a museum reminiscent of a Medieval castle in England, catapulted my love of suspending the human form in time, through days and weeks of shooting wood nymphs (otherwise recognized as scantily clad humans), and various other flora and fauna.

Several years as a studio photographer and manager, honing camera skills, and developing lighting, design and modeling techniques, gave me the experience I needed to branch out into more seriously delightful aspects of my career, that of challenging and rewarding wedding photography and family portraiture.

Being a photographer is tantamount to having a license to capturing what are the most precious and cherished moments for posterity. Nothing I have experienced, so far, is more evident of this than helping couples celebrate and prepare for their new lives as a family from the initiation of their engagement process to the marriage vows; documenting the progress of pregnant moms through the birth of their tender infants; working with children and their parents as time and relationships change; and, recording the fantasy and whimsy of our lighter side through movie posters and theme “pinups”.

My journey has led me across continents and oceans for more than a decade, culminating here, in this place of sunshine and rainbows, where I am doing what I love to do, in an ever changing business surrounded by people whom I love and clients & colleages. As a weaver of memories, I humbly offer my services to you with joy and gratitude.

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